we’re making a video!!

So the kind people at Climate Change Connection want to make a video of our garden!

The date for the video is July 10th, a Tuesday. So we will wait to weed till the afternoon that week. I need ten non-camera shy people to help with the video but anyone can come and weed and water!

The first 10 people to respond to the post will be in.

Check out the following link (you will need to copy and paste it as I can’t open it here at school) to see the style of video being made


come to school tomorrow if you’re free to help build new bins and fences for our peas with Mr. Richards and myself.
Please post whether you think you can come…which is better for everyone am or pm?
I told Mr. Richards that I thought you guys would prefer pm so you can sleep-in, but we’re here all day so please comment asap.