Pie (update – watch this video)

1) How did I sift together my dry ingredients?
2) What two ingredients are mixed together when cutting-in?
3) What tool did I use?
4) What size of fat should the pieces end up being?

5) What do you do when the fat starts collecting on the pastry blender?

6) What are the two reasons we cut-in? (2 marks)
7) What temperature should the liquid be?
8) What is it called when you put flour on your counter?
9) What is it called when you put flour on the food?
10) What did I roll between?

11)What did I call it when I flipped over the pie crust to fit it into the pie plate?
12) What was the fancy edge on the pie shell called?
13) What do I mean by blind baking?
14) What is the difference between parbaking and prebaking? (2 marks)
15) State a moment you will parkbake and state a moment you will prebake? (2 marks)

16) What two things did I use to weight my pie?
17) If you are precooking your crust will you keep the crust covered the whole time?

18) What were the small cuts in the top of the pie called? Why did I do this?
19) What should you put your prepared pie onto to prevent a mess in your oven?