Grade 12 – Caramel

What are the two problems that arise when making caramel?
Why the lemon juice?
What did she do after added her ingredients to the pot?
What temp?
Why did she say not to stir it? What should you do instead? (2)
What is the difference between a wet and dry caramel? State the pro and con for dry.
What do you do as it’s boiling? (2 marks)
How can you test your caramel color?
What color should it be for caramel sauce recipes?
When you reach the desired color what should you do?
Did she add in all her butter at once?

Spun Sugar
click here
1) what did he use to throw the caramel?
2) How could you tell the caramel was ready to be spun?
3) What did he put it on?