Jelly Roll

1) What should your beaten egg mixture look like?
2) How long will you beat it for?

3) When folding-in how do you ensure that there is no missing dry flour ingredient? Where should you lift from?

4) After cutting my parchment what did I do to the edges to make them fit?
5) How did I get the parchment paper to stick to the pan?
5) Explain how to properly prepare the parchment paper for your batter? (4 marks)
6) On what portion of the cookie sheet did I pour the batter?

7) What did I put on the tea towel to prevent the cake from sticking?
8) Where should you put most of the icing sugar?
9) After rolling the cake where is the best place to let it cool?

10) Do you spread filling on the entire roll? Explain. (2 marks)
11) Do you get to eat the roll as soon as you are done filling? Explain (3 marks)