Grade 12 – Cutting-In Pie Crust Test

The following questions will be on your test about pie so be sure to answer them as you watch the video:
1) What four ingredients were used in the pie recipe?
2) What should you do to your bowl, water, and fat?
3) What are the first 2 ingredients to get mixed?
4) What ingredient did you “cut-in” to your dry ingredients?
5) What tool did you use to cut-in?
6) How big should the clumps of flour and fat be?
7) How much liquid should you add at a time?
8) How do you check to see if you have added enough water?
9) Why do you put the dough in the fridge?
10) What as the term for putting flour on your counter? What was the term for putting flour on your rolling pin and your dough?

Use the following link to find out how to make pie:
click here

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