1) I stated that there are three sections of ingredients when making cake. State the type of ingredient found in each of the three sections.
2) What must you do to the cocoa before adding it to the other dry ingredients?
3) If a recipe calls for buttermilk and you do not have any, what can use to make a replacement?
4) How much lemon juice would you add to 1C of milk to make sour milk?
5) What bowl did the dry ingredients and milk get added into?
6) As you mix in your dry ingredients and your milk, how much do you add at a time?

VID01050 from Lauren Sawchuk on Vimeo.

7) Instead of using a scooper like I have in the video, what do I recommend you use to fill your cups?

VID01052 from Lauren Sawchuk on Vimeo.

8) How do you check that the cupcakes are done (without a toothpick)? (2 marks)

VID01057 from Lauren Sawchuk on Vimeo.

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