Cutting-In and Biscuits

1) What two ingredients do you cut-in?
2) What temperature was the fat?
3) What tool works well for this technique?
4) How do you know when to stop, or what should it look like when you are done cutting-in?
5) State two moments (or recipes) when you would cut-in? (2 marks)
6) What is the best tool to use to form your biscuit dough into a ball?
7) Do you knead a little or a lot?

IMG 0225 from Lauren Sawchuk on Vimeo.

Rolling out your biscuit dough:
8) What did I use to cut out my biscuits?
9) What “cooking method” did I use for biscuits?
10) Why the high heat? (2 marks)

IMG 0227 from Lauren Sawchuk on Vimeo.

Checking to see if the biscuits are done: check the bottoms, if they are not dark you can add more time to help them rise and pop open.

IMG 0228 from Lauren Sawchuk on Vimeo.

7) How did I clean the counter?

IMG 0230 from Lauren Sawchuk on Vimeo.

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