Roasting Chicken
1) What temperature did I say for roasting?
2) What kind of pan did I roast on?
3) What are two pros for roasting?
4) State two ways you prevent your food from sticking while roasting?

VID00832 from Lauren Sawchuk on Vimeo.

Roasting Potatoes or Vegetables:
5) Can you eat green potato? Why? (2 marks)
6) What is the key for successful roasting of vegetables?
7) What three things did I put on the potatoes?
8) What temperature?
9) Does roasting have a lot or a little liquid?
10) What does roasting do to the outside of the food you are cooking? (2 marks)

VID00834 from Lauren Sawchuk on Vimeo.

Finished Result
11)Describe how the potato looked after being roasted (2 marks)

VID00842 from Lauren Sawchuk on Vimeo.